Sample Night Live

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First Wednesday of the month.  If you live in St.Paul, or within driving distance, remember that date.

That’s the night of  Sample Night Live.  If you don’t know the drill,  Sample Night Live, held in the History Theater in downtown St.Paul,  is a varied assembly of acts from around the Twin Cities who are given about 10 minutes on stage to try to persuade you to come out to see them again, sign up for their e-mail lists, and tell your friends about them.  Last night’s performers were incredibly persuasive.  The acts included eclectic sets of music, ranging from country to Beatles to jazz and  indie Rock, and comedy acts ranging from improv, to classic stand up to…..well,  not such classic stand up, and on a serious note, a national award-winning slam poetry duo.

An MC introduces the events, hands out prizes, and keeps the audience entertained during brief set changes.  And a house band, The Smarts,  maintain a festive continuity from the time you scramble around for a seat  to  after the house lights are turned back on and you just don’t want to walk away from the magic.

Not persuaded yet to make it out to Sample Night Live?  Here’s another incentive.  If you’re a St. Paul Public Library card holder, it’s free.

Every month the audience votes on  favorites, who will convene for a show in December. Last night, there was a tie between the music act Calamity and the Owl, (playing at Wild Tymes  in downtown St Paul on August 19)  and comedian Linda Aarons( who will be at the Joke Joint from August 18th – 20th ).

Here’s our  own little sample of Sample Night Live,  captured on Youtube.

Linda Aarons


Calmity & the Owl