An upper West Side ramble

I’ve been waiting (and waiting) for spring to make an appearance, to try out one of the hikes  that a friend told me about 50 degrees and 3 1/2 feet of snow ago.  Walk on the Wild Side Thursday Night Hikers, refers to itself as “an aggregation of hiking enthusiasts from the Minnesota Rovers, the North Star Ski Touring Club, the Sierra Club, and others”   They convene for “hiking, conversation and conviviality.”   The hikes take place throughout the Twin Cities greater metro area.  But their website  offers a comprehensive list of  St. Paul hikes under the category of “Architectural Hikes, House Information and Histories.”

Armed, as always, with a copy and paste screen shot of the hike I intended to take, “West Side St. Paul Architectural Hike”  on my iPhone,  I traveled a short distance to the upper West Side bluffs, where the hike started at the intersection of Prospect and Hall Street. I had every intention of photographing every house along the tour.  But within a block,  a query from a homeowner wondering why I was  camera stalking his property, and the social wrong headedness of carrying on a conversation about an elderly parent in hospice care while fiddling with camera settings – I abandoned my ambition and gave in to the pleasure of a friend’s company, the surreal green of spring, boulevard plantings, and eclectic architecture.

Hope you enjoy the photographic ramble,  then check out the dozens of other suggested architectural hikes, find a hiking partner or a moment of solitude and have a chance to  revel in the relief of spring.