St Paul leftovers

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A night at The Palace Stage of  Wild Tymes in St. Paul.  Alma Desnuda, from  San Francisco, and on a long road tour,   also played at Music in the Parks.

Steve Sullivan, from Steve Sullivan and the Factory,  takes his tunes out to West 7th place.

Why this venue isn’t packed to the rafters is a mystery.  Amazing music and a gorgeous, eerily lit up summer night for lingering  on the 7th Place Plaza.

Music from Alma Desnuda.

For a complete list of  St Paul events and restaurants, visit us on our website, and download our app on iPhone and Android at the usual places.

the sidewalk app is already here!

Last week I went on a rant about snow shoveling, and made a call for action to crowd source an app to manage the problem.  Well,  as they say, “search, and ye shall find.”  Okay. Seek.   Drumroll.

SeeClickFix is a crowd sourced website and mobile phone app, for the entire country, that calls on the community to participate in good management.

Here’s a screenshot of what happens when you look for St. Paul.

As you can see, reports of potholes, with a variety of descriptions, from “too many to count” to “complete car eater” are listed.

There are also links to report other community issues,  and I did not see anything that precluded reporting snow hazards.

Please check out the site, report your local potholes or other neighborhood blights.  Be part of the solution.   And please report back your user experience.

It’s the Boy’s State Hockey Tournament weekend. Happy Shoveling!