at the gallery

The  memory of teen age angst is a subject that never wears out.  Even though we try to shed  those memories, like a snake outgrows its layers of skin,  snippets of them persist.  I can’t remember what I wore yesterday, but have vivid memories or my royal blue gym uniform, how it snapped up the front,  had elastic in the back, cap sleeves, a collar, pockets and a low rise.

A local writer, Frank Bures, wrote this fabulous story about a biking journey to his high school reunion.  You can almost hear the taunts of the kids lingering around the lockers in the basement.  They grow louder in the silence of his journey along the  river.

At IFP Minnesota, located at  2446 University Avenue, in Saint Paul, The Empowering Image,  a  collection of photographs that aims the camera at teen-aged subjects, will be on display through May 14.

Here are a few snapshots, which capture only  a fraction of the power of these  images by photographers Sheila  Farrell and Amy Anderson.  If you have teenagers, or have ever been a teenager, this show will be sure to engage you.