St Paul Peeps

Name: Leo

Found: On the high bridge, setting up his tripod for shots of the fireworks on July 4.

Lives: In St. Paul, for six years.  Before that he lived in Minneapolis for 20. He’s going to stay in St. Paul.

Favorite Restaurant:  The St. Paul Hotel.  But he’s worried that sounds kind of snobby.  He really likes the service there.  But he also loves Tanpopo Noodle shop, which is in his neighborhood.  Good food and good service.

Leo has chronicled St. Paul in a beautiful book, Saint Paul Serenity. He also has a book about North Dakota and is currently working on his next project, which he would not divulge.

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St Paul Peeps

Francisco, Pedro and Cesar are 13-year old friends who met in St Paul. (Pedro and Cesar are cousins) They were aboard the Anson Northrup during the Great River Passage Unveiling last Thursday. They are from Mexico; they attend middle school at Washington and Battle Creek, and have access to the internet at Francisco’s.  They like to bicycle!  Photos include a Google map showing approximately where the boat turned around, a rare river’s view of the industry (scrap metal recycling, gravel, and coal) which uses the 17 mile Great River Passage to transport goods and services, the train trestle that chatty Captain Bob navigated the long, large Northrup skillfully around, the sun setting on the gorgeous bluff above Pig’s Eye Lake and other St Paulites who enjoyed the free 90-minute tour.

St Paul peeps

Name:  Nicole

In St. Paul:   I live in Minneapolis, but I’ve worked at the Nook for five years.  First I worked at Shamrock’s

Last place she played in St Paul: I’d like to say I went to Grand Old Days.

I do go to Mississippi Market.  The strawberries are good there right now.