St Paul Peeps

Name: Karen

Lives: in St. Paul, on Randolph Avenue.  Sixteen years in the Twin Cities; going on 10 years in St. Paul.

Seen: in Kopplin’s, her local hang out, dressed in a wall matching green t-shirt

Favorite St. Paul restaurant – a toss up  – between Saji -Ya and Everest on Grand.  Hm. Maybe Saji -Ya. No, actually Everest.  Hard to decide.

Favorite St. Paul Places:   Como Zoo’s McNeelly Conservatory. No, actually, the Farmer’s Market.  Hard decision.  Loved the Butterfly garden at Como — but where is it this year? Spends so much time indoors working that is just happy to be outside, gardening or hiking.

Claim to fame:  Designer of the logo for Kopplin’s .