Day two of Literary St. Paul. 

A small group gathered last night for the inaugural Kopplins book club meeting and discussion of  ”American Terroir”. Making up for the small numbers was the intense passion about the book, both the writing and the topic.  To sweeten the evening, Andrew Kopplin passed around samples of Rogue Chocolate (Venezuela and Madagascar – can you taste the difference?) featured in the book. The tension between terroir and sustainability was the evening’s theme.

On the table for next month – “Leaving the Atocha Station” by Ben Lerner. The highly praised book is locally produced by Coffee House Press.  Buy a copy at Kopplins, check it out from the library. Even Kindles are welcome. 

Tonight (day 3) leads me to the Jewish Community Center in St. Paul for a reading of Myra Goldberg’s “The False Friend.”  Hope to see you there.