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But wanted to pass on the line up for McNally Smith’s Emerging Artist Series.

All of these concerts are free, and open to the public. They take place at our favorite music venues around St. Paul – Minnesota Music Cafe, Artist’s Quarter, Station 4, The Fitzgerald Theater, and also on the McNally Smith campus in the auditorium.

Good listening for St. Paul folks throughout the month. Enjoy.

McNally Smith Presents: The Emerging Artist Series

All concerts are free and open to the public

Friday, April 8

McNally Smith Auditorium, 8 p.m.

Musical Theater ensemble performing “Song for a New World” by Jason Robert Brown – Erin Schwab

Saturday, April 9

McNally Smith Auditorium, 8 p.m.

Musical Theater ensemble performing “Song for a New World” by Jason Robert Brown – Erin Schwab

Sunday, April 10

McNally Smith Auditorium, 2 p.m.

Musical Theater ensemble performing “Song for a New World” by Jason Robert Brown – Erin Schwab

McNally Smith Auditorium, 6 p.m.

Afro-Caribbean Percussion ensemble – Shai Hayo

World Vocal ensemble – Peggy Larson, Rene Thompson Dance Group

World Percussion ensemble – Aaron Barnell

Percussion ensemble – Dave Schmalenberger

Wednesday, April 13

Minnesota Music Café, 7 p.m.

Danny Elfman ensemble – Brian Metreyeon

Video Game ensemble – Sean McMahon

Blues ensemble – Neal Thorgrimson

Rock ensemble – Charles Fletcher

Blues ensemble – Charles Fletcher

Creative Fusion ensemble – Brian Metreyeon

Monday, April 18

Minnesota Music Café, 7 p.m.

World Vocal ensemble – Peggy Larson

Blues ensemble – Steve Faison

Rock ensemble – Steve Jennings

Country ensemble – Travis Schilling

Fusion ensemble – Dave Jensen

Wednesday, April 20

Minnesota Music Café, 7 p.m.

Bluegrass ensemble – Phil Nusbaum

Creative Comp ensemble – Sean McPherson

Electric Guitar Fusion ensemble – Tim Lyle

Creative Foxy Shazam ensemble – Reid Kennedy

Rock ensemble – Shon Parker

Creative Top Forty ensemble – Erin Schwab

Thursday, April 21

Artists’ Quarter, 7 p.m.

Latin ensemble – Liz Kuivinen

Hot Club ensemble – Randy Sabien

Contemporary Percussion ensemble with members of Salsa Del Sol – Shai Hayo

Hornheads ensemble – Scott Agster

Jazz ensemble – Kristin Sponcia

Jazz ensemble – Chris Olson

Jazz ensemble – Steve Jennings

Friday, April 22

McNally Smith Auditorium, 7:30 p.m.

Music for Media ensemble – Jack Dubowsky

Monday, April 25

Fitzgerald Theater, 7 p.m.

Sing Out Spring 2011

McNally Smith College of Music Singers – Judi Donaghy

Sonic – Shon Parker

World Vocal ensemble – Peggy Larson

Contemporary Vocal ensemble – Jennifer Parker

Musical Theater ensemble – Erin Schwab

Wednesday, April 27

Minnesota Music Café, 7 p.m.

Ska ensemble – Scott Agster

Hip-Hip ensemble – Kevin Washington

Creative Jazz ensemble – Peter Schimke

Rhythm & Blues ensemble – Jeff Bailey

Soul ensemble – Debbie Duncan

M-Theory – Steve Faison

McNally Smith Auditorium, 7 p.m.

Full Circle ensemble – Chris Cunningham and Sean McPherson

Thursday, April 28

Station 4, 7 p.m.

Iron Maiden ensemble – Ric Oliva

Heavy Metal ensemble – Ric Oliva

Creative Progressive Rock ensemble – Ric Oliva

Some things you might have overlooked – Friday/April 1

We scrounge through a lot of sources to populate our events calendar.   Despite the long hours of content management, events continue to pop out at me as being especially intriguing in one way or another.

Here are a couple  to check out tonight.

1. House of Mercy Recordings Presents: The First Friday Showcase at Ginkgo Coffeehouse on Snelling Avenue and Minnehaha.

Here’s the description :

The First Friday Showcase

Friday, April 1, 7 – 9 pm

Ginkgo Coffeehouse, 721 North Snelling

Chris Larson & Angie Talle: Fresh off their performance at the Fitzgerald Theater at Kevin Kling’s “Scarecrow on Fire” performance, they will be singing new and old songs from The House of Mercy Band’s repertoire.

Jon Rodine: Soulful, honest, hard-working piano man, Jon Rodine is a West Bank and Twin Cities music fixture. Expect to be lifted off this earth while listening to his beautiful voice.

Brett Larson: Brett’s songs are funny, cutting, honest and always relevant. He is coming out of a musical semi-retirement to play!

And I had to learn a little more about the House of Mercy. Have to love their message “You should come -it’s not that bad.”

2. Manya – A Living History of Marie Curie  – at The Shaughnessy, Friday night 7:30

Maybe you went to the Social Science event at the Minnesota Science Museum and it stirred up your curiosity.  Here’s the description of this event.

This one-woman drama exposes the struggles and triumphs of Madame Marie Curie (ne Maria Sk?odowska) an academically impassioned, vehemently private, fervently Polish scientist, mother,and teacher. From the political oppression of her childhood, to scientific emergence and fame to the tragedy that forced her into single motherhood as well as further world prominence, this is a life that challenges our assumptions about what one person can achieve and the responsibilities of science.Special School Performance:
“A Visit with Madame Curie
Consists of a 40 minute presentation followed by at 10-minute Q&A with Marie Curie followed by a 10-minute Q&A with the artist, Susan Marie Frontczak.Tickets: Adults $20
Students/Children $16