Looking for information about what to do and where to eat in  St. Paul and getting frustrated because most of your searches lead to information about….Minneapolis?

We were. That’s why we started the St Paul Spot mobile phone guide.

We consolidate information from hundreds of websites, which we comb through daily to keep our entries up to date.  We look at bulletin boards in coffee shops and co-ops.  We scrounge  the weekly rags that get delivered to our mailboxes.  We troll Facebook and listen to Tweets. And we  rely on the community to  use our calendar to enter events they would like to promote.

All that information is condensed and translated for  that little screen on your  smart phone (iPhone or Android) and is available when you find yourself driving down University Avenue, wondering about that little hole in the wall Ethiopian place , or wanting to know who is playing at the Turf Club this week.

St Paul Spot blog exists because not all the world (or St. Paul) can fit into the constraints of an app.

Save a tree. Dowload our app.

2 Comments on “About”

  1. Very beautiful woman, jet black hair, little gray streak. Walks into Nina’s Coffee shop about week and a half ago, taking pictures of coffee shop! Hi Kris! Doug here! Full sleeve tattoo left arm, would like to know if I left bottle of wine behind counter, would you pick up??? Would like to see more of your photo’s sometime , if possible! Jose behind counter has my # !

    • St Paul Spot says:

      You beat us to the punch. Stay tuned for photos of Doug’s tattoos and Kris’s many adventures in our upcoming blog posts. St Paul Spot is happy and willing to take ownership of wine bottles behind any of the counter tops in our beautiful city. Thanks!

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