Saturday -Music in St. Paul

Saturday, December 10
03:00pmMacalester Early Music Ensemble   @  Macalester College
04:00pmMUSIC: Wicked Winters Ball II   @  Station 4
06:00pmMUSIC: Carl Unbehaun   @  Trotter’s Cafe – Since 1989
06:00pm – 08:00pmMusic: Lee St. Clair   @  Claddagh Coffee – West 7th Street
07:00pmMUSIC: Charity Hout   @  Ginkgo Coffeehouse
07:00pmMusic – Joann Funk Jazz in the Lobby Bar   @  The Saint Paul Hotel
08:00pmMUSIC: Freak Creek Revival   @  The Coffee Grounds – neighborhood coffee shop- Como
08:00pmMUSIC: The Langer’s Ball   @  Dubliner Pub
08:00pmMUSIC: DEMO (Diverse Emerging Music Organization) presents Katy Vernon The Effenheimer Sisters Mort (Mystical Order Of Reverb & Twang)   @  The Palace Stage at Wild Tymes
08:00pmMUSIC: MMC Holiday Party With Power Of Ten   @  Minnesota Music Cafe
08:00pmMUSIC: Midas Touch   @  Mancini’s Char House
08:00pmMUSIC: The Swamp Kings   @  Gallagher’s Bar
08:30pmMUSIC: Reina Del Cid   @  Dunn Bros Coffee
09:00pmMUSIC: Kickstart   @  Half Time Rec
09:00pmMUSIC: Red Planet   @  Artists’ Quarter
09:00pmMUSIC: Solid Gold | Colections Of Colonies Of Bees   @  Turf Club
09:00pmMUSIC: Teresa Manzalla   @  Hat Trick Lounge
09:00pmMUSIC: Counterfeiter’s Ball: The Belfast Cowboys, Kinda Kinky, World On A String   @  Amsterdam Bar and Hall
09:00pmMUSIC: David Hanners/Russ Brown Song Circle   @  Ginkgo Coffeehouse
09:00pmMUSIC: This Week   @  Turf Club
09:30pmMUSIC: Stevie Stone Chain Reaction Mixtape Release Party   @  Station 4
10:00pmMUSIC: Eric Warner and Johnny Q   @  Axel’s Bonfire


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