St.Paul /Friday Music

Friday, November 11
04:30pm – 05:30pmLecture: How Math Made Modern Music [Mad] Irrational.   @  Macalester College
05:00pmMUSIC: Funky Friday with DJ Larry Englund   @  Amsterdam Bar and Hall
05:00pmMUSIC: Leo Presents – Perception of Intent   @  Station 4
06:00pmMUSIC: Collage Studio Class   @  The Saint Paul Conservatory of Music
07:00pmMUSIC: Fantastic Merlins   @  Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar
07:30pmMUSIC: Brian Miller’s Minnesota Lumberjack Songs: Irish and Scottish Music from the Northwoods with Guest Performer Randy Gosa   @  Celtic Junction
07:30pmMUSIC; Grainne Murphy and Kathleen Boyle in Concert   @  Celtic Junction
08:00pmMUSIC: Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos   @  St Paul Chamber Orchestra Center – Music Room
08:00pmMUSIC: Demo (Diverse Emerging Music Organization) Presents Steve Sullivan & The Factory   @  The Palace Stage at Wild Tymes
08:00pmMUSIC: FREE & EASY   @  Minnesota Music Cafe
08:00pmMUSIC: Eric Warner and Johnny Q   @  Axel’s Bonfire
08:00pmMUSIC: Willie Murphy   @  Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar
08:30pmMUSIC: Jon1 john2 and Acoutic Pop/Falk   @  Dunn Bros Coffee
09:00pmMUSIC: Lam Jam   @  Half Time Rec
09:00pmMUSIC: Teenage Moods | Gardens (Detroit/Alive Records) | Voytek | Crimes   @  Turf Club
09:00pmMUSIC: Wizards Are Real, White Whales, Dragons Power Up   @  Amsterdam Bar and Hall
09:00pmMUSIC: Sue Orfield   @  Artists’ Quarter
10:00pmMUSIC : Friday Nights with DJ King Otto   @  Senor Wong Restaurant / Cocktail Lounge
10:00pmMUSIC: Tropical Zone-LIVE SALSA BAND   @  Dixie’s on Grand


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