I joined several hundred other people at the old Schmidt Brewery site last night to hear about the latest plans for reviving the historic structure.  The surrounding neighborhood was out in full force and from casual conversations it was clear everyone there had a personal tie to the space – from visiting an uncle on the premises, to working there (one person I spoke to worked the night shift in bottling for 3 days but couldn’t stay awake and got the can)   The room was abuzz with old lore from the glory days of the brewery.  Guests were welcome to roam through the abandoned bulding, and take in the enormity of the task the rehabber faced, and also contemplate the lonely remnants of a previous life throughout the office spaces.  It seemed as if a tsunami had swept through and people had run from the building leaving behind their old appointment calendars, personal mementos and post its.  The women’s bathroom was deconstructed asbestos laden wasteland with the hand of a previous attempt at rehab.  There was excitement at the prospect of the revival of a neighborhood landmark and lots of pride in the history and the present community of West 7th Street. Looking forward to reading the next chapter of this architectural gem. 

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