Get. OUT.

No, seriously, get out as in Outside.  Need I remind anyone as to what lies around the corner?  Starts with a W and is followed by white stuff & frantic calls from your mother about ‘driving conditions’.  So with that in mind, I decided to amble about in St Paul, choosing the Selby Dale area.

First things first; a hit of caffeine at Nina’s Coffee Café, on the corner of Western & Selby.  Nina’s serves up just about everything I want with my latte; great space, fab service and an interesting mix of people.  On this particular day I met Doug, a frequent patron who chatted me up while I waited for my skinny.  Turns out Doug is the one who keeps the water & biscuit bowls filled for the four-legged companions.  (Bonus pts; Nina’s street side tables are dog friendly!)  So instead of staring off into space while my latte was in production, I met someone new and got a tiny glimpse of another person’s life.  Plus, he showed me his tattoos.  I know.  Sounds weird but trust me, it was interesting.  And you know what else?  The barista brought my coffee out to me.  With a smile.   Very nice!

Now properly caffeinated, I headed down Selby to check out Allee Metro Chic.  Allee’s, formerly located on Snelling Ave, is now at 493Selby.  Allee defines itself as a ‘European inspired boutique’.  It is indeed quite groovy.  Housed downstairs of the boutique (which happily is light and bright due to the building design!) is a selection of antique and vintage home accessories.  Whether you are shopping upstairs or down, there’s nothing ordinary here.  Definitely worth a look.

Next I bopped into Fleur de Lis flower shop.  Besides the obvious, Fleur de Lis stocks an interesting array of gift items way beyond the usual kitsch of most floral shops and many designed by local artisans.  This I will be sure to remember once the snow starts to fly.  Not only are there some great gift ideas (think Christmas or Hanukah!) but to get a whiff of that fragrance of fresh flowers in the Winter . . . how wonderful!

Time for my lunch date with Q at Cheeky Monkey Deli.  Being just a bit too cool to sit outside, Q & I nabbed a table over by the fireplace.  (Note to self; fireplace = great girlfriend/wine drinking/ cool weather spot.)  I like the feel of Cheeky’s indoor space; better in so many ways than your average ‘deli’.  Q & I split a roasted mushroom sandwich & a bowl of tomato soup.  Yum!  Oh, and that glass of sauvignon blanc wasn’t bad either!

Needing just a little something sweet after our lunch, Q & I hit up the bakery A Piece of Cake.  Q had a chocolate cupcake, giving it a high review.  I had a decadent little sugar cookie piled high with frosting.  The cookie was very tasty but it was the frosting I fell in love with.  They could sell that frosting alone in Dixie cups!

Regretfully, that’s all the time I had for Selby Ave that day.  I left with plenty of reasons to come back, though.  So GET OUT & either explore some of the places I’ve mentioned or find some of your own while it’s still nice enough to walk around!!




One Comment on “Get. OUT.”

  1. Liz says:

    Hello – Wondering if I could use your Nina’s picture in a bit of our marketing? We are a holistic chiropractic office in St. Paul that gives community health talks @ Nina’s once a month. Let me know if this would be ok with you! Thanks!

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