October 5 – St Paul Spot picks

 OPENING: Jill Nikpay – This looks like a great show at the Drake Gallery on the campus of the upper school of St. Paul Academy.  There are great, and free, events happening at the area campuses and though it may feel a little uncomfortable to breach what appears to be a tight knit community, remember these events are open to the public.  

THEATRE: Sample Night Live! Art in a Trial Size –

This show is different every month, which is why I continue to praise it every month.  I have some free tickets – contact me at our website www.stpaulspot.com or on the app and I’ll try and get them to you.   I’ve been volunteering back stage – because it’s so much fun.  Put is on your calendars for the first Wednesdays of the month. 

MUSIC: Douglas Ewart

Another in a series of music events to raise funds to keep the beloved local Afghanistani  restaurant, Kyber Pass, alive.   Stay tuned for more music there. The calendar keeps expanding. 


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