September 17 – St Paul Spot picks

Free to Be Green @ the Como Zoo – An event for families to explore sustainability.  The kids may know more than the parents at this one. 

A Night of Art and Spoken Word

URBAN ARTS invites you to Urban Arts Presents: A Night of Art and Spoken Word, Saturday, September 17 from 7PM-1AM. The theme for the show is “Speak Your Art.”  The event will be held at Urban Arts’ historic studio WAREHOUSE. The warehouse is located at 558 Vandalia Street on the 2nd floor in Saint Paul.

30 local artists will be exhibiting over 250 works of art for sale all night!

Lowertown Bike shop Opening Party -A bike shop, light rail, the makings of a perfect American city.  Celebrate with music throughout the afternoon. 

Went to this event last year and it was nothing short of a Minnesota love fest. Great food, great company, contests for talented people, and meatloaf for those with or without talent.  

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