On Alcina’s Island

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An all night trucker hears the siren call of home cookin at  Alcina’s oasis, and so begins the adventures of an evil truck stop temptress with a potent toxic brewery, a bevy of ex boyfriends who have been transformed into inanimate garden sculptures, and a shunned lover who assumes the role of a pest control team to rescue her trucker and  break the spell.

Part opera, half musical, classical ,western, a capella, and balletic  romantic comedy.  That’s Alcina’s Island. Confused?  Not at all. Just completely engaged.

Relax on the picnic blankets, get cozy with your neighbors, rule number 5, pass the trays.

Reserve tickets on line.  No fee.  Come to the show, throw some $’s in the bucket, buy a tea towel, volunteer. Share the sheer abundant  joy of the  creative folks from Mixed Precipitation in the community gardens.




One Comment on “On Alcina’s Island”

  1. marie says:

    Sounds interesting! Wish I could be there! Hugs!

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