Valley Girl visits Tut

Walk like an Egyptian

I set off last Wednesday with a specific goal in mind: no matter what happened, I was going to make it to Tut. I set aside plenty of time to get to the museum and like last time I had my trusty sister and mom in tow.Once again we made it all the way across the river to the science museum and without heat or traffic there was nothing that could stop us from discovering the depths of Egypt.

We bought our tickets at the box office, something that might be a bad idea as the exhibit comes closer to its end on September 5th, and made our way upstairs to the entry point. There are two ways to view the exhibit: with the audio piece and without it. If you have the time to spend, I would strongly recommend renting the phone like device that gives you details about some of the most stunning pieces that you can see. They sent us through the large double doors with a group of about 15 other people and we were on our way.

The series of rooms that you walk through get more and more intense as the layers of the tomb are uncovered. The treasures also get more fascinating and beautiful; however I wouldn’t rush straight to the end. While the artifacts from the grave are beautiful the story of King Tut’s life is worth spending the time to listen to. There are also pieces of Egyptian society that are explained, the relationship between teachers and children for example. The body language that is expressed in the pieces is very clear, but the translation of they hieroglyphics that you get through the head-piece makes it all the better. For the Egypt enthusiast the tour could take hours, I was out in just under two.

Some of the most incredible pieces were the pair of golden sandals that were found next to Tut in his tomb and the incredible gold jewelry that was scattered throughout the exhibit. There are some beautiful things that are made in the world today; however, they can’t compare to the things that you see at Tut. It is one thing to get a beautiful necklace at a store and a whole different thing to have something last for thousands of years and still shine. Following the tour, we looked at the Science Museum’s real mummy and did a little scouting around to see what else was going on.

With our time there done we decided to get dinner at Pazzaluna. A restaurant known for its fantastic Italian food, it didn’t disappoint three hungry diners in a quick, delicious meal. All of us had pasta, and we would all happily go back again, now if only we could get them to move to Minneapolis… We began the long trek back to Golden Valley after dinner and talked about Tut the whole way there.


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