St Paul Peeps


Name: Judith

Lived in St. Paul:  How long has it been. 40 years. Oh my God, it’s been 40 years!

Grew up: in Richfield

Favorite St. Paul places:  The Masonic temple. It’s private though. I had my 24th wedding anniversary there.

Other Favorite St. Paul place:  the old Muskego Church, at Lutheran Seminary. It’s an old log church, with white grout.  It’s tucked into a corner of the property.  Luther is up near where I live, near the St..Paul campus.

Other favorite places…… My neighborhood is full of secret places.  The remains of the old trolley line  are between the tennis court and the soccer field on Cleveland.  And I think there’s  a park designed by Olmsted, or one of his disciples.  College Park.  But they are getting ready to make some changes to the park.

Favorite restaurant: that secret Thai place….Bangkok Thai Deli.  I like to check out the Hmong Marketplace.   Also, the Finnish Bistro. They’ve got fabulous breakfasts.  And they serve wine after 5:00.

Judi has spent several years working  on a project to educate people about the pronunciation of plants. 


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