Try-It @ Wet Paint Art

On the quieter end of Grand Avenue, Wet Paint- Artists’s Material & Framing  store has been the St Paul resource for all things both art and craft  for  three  and a half decades.    It’s hard not to feel brighter and more hopeful after walking into the shop and brushing though the aisles of possibilities.  Origami! Dyes! An aisle of notebooks! Papers from around the world!  Paint brushes of all sizes dangling from the wall.   If you can’t find what you are looking for here, I’d be really curious what you’re up to.

This year Wet Paint has been holding a series of Try It! workshops to promote products and techniques. Thursday night’s session was “How to Make  a Mini-Cartoon”, taught by four members of an international organization of The Cartoonist Conspiracy.

The Cartoon Conspiracy meets weekly, including a St. Paul meeting the third Thursday of every month at Cahoots coffee shop, located on Selby Avenue, near Snelling. The next meeting is April 21. Everyone is welcome, cartoonists, and gawkers alike.

The four cartoonists each talked about, and showed their work to a gathering of about 25 people who had come to the store to participate.  We each were given a free pen for sketching and special paper.  The instructors handed out a sheet of instructions, then showed us how to set up the pages , cut the pages and assemble them together,  with a stapler (actually all more confusing for an 8 page booklet than you could ever imagine) , then flatten them with a special tool. Simple enough.

Then it was time to come up with a concept, and draw.

Here are some photos of the session.

Wet Paint Art has several more  Try It! Series this spring.  They are usually free.  You can learn how to make a Ukrainian Easter Egg.  It’s a very happy place. Try it.


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