barter the best of what you’ve got for a sofa

Hours and hours and hours on the internet lead to surprisingly few show stopping moments.  This was one encountered late last night, courtesy of one of my favorite furniture designers, hailing from these parts, Blu Dot.

If you need a sofa, bed, dresser, chair, etc. make an offer.

barter for sofa!

If you have been casually listening to news of anticipated spring flooding, you probably have a manana attitude about the whole thing.  Here’s a little info about the historic crests of the Mississippi River.  Provided that nothing is destroyed in the rising tides of the spring melt, it always seems to create a festive atmosphere in the city.  Standing on the High Bridge or the Wabasha Street  bridge in a stiff  spring breeze and witnessing the power of the river can make your knees a little wobbly in a worshipful way.     Before the floods….now….. the Covington Inn is offering half off on rooms this week.  What a great way to get to know the river.

Covington Inn


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